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Nur Jahan is one of KRBL’s prized brands and keeps the flavour, aroma and the looks of Basmati rice intact. It is marketed and packaged for both domestic and international purposes. In the international market, Basmati rice variant is exported to Canada, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore and Australia.

Fine, long and firm – these are the stellar qualities of the Basmati rice grain.
This rice is different from other rice mainly due to the aroma and an unforgettable taste that will linger in your mind forever.

ses - Few of the most famous dishes made preferably with Basmati rice are: 

  • Biryani (cooked with meat)
  • Polao 
  • Sweet rice pudding or Kheer (with fruits, milk and butter)
  • Plain rice (served with lentils soup called daal)

 Health Benefits 

  • Basmati rice is low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and is gluten-free
  • It is rich in nutrients and natural fibre


Nur Jahan makes use of Basmati rice procured from the best farmlands in India. Most of the grains in this 5kg bag will have a pearly look and a sword like shape that will rise to at least twice the size when cooked.

How to use
Basmati rice is known as a delicacy thanks to its rich aroma and almost sweet flavour. It can be used in a variety of rice dishes including Biryani, polao, and other Indian and sub-continental dishes. One can have it with meat, curries, daals and more. Also, this rice can be used for Chinese dishes like fried rice. 

Nur Jahan Basmati Rice 5kg Bag

  • Brand: Nur Jahan
  • Product Type: Basmati Rice
  • Weight: 5kg per bag

Origin: India